Love’s Redemption is my third book. It is very special to me because it addresses hard issues that need more attention and discussion in order to reduce intimate violence. I was already deeply involved in writing Unbroken when the idea for Love’s Redemption came to me and the characters began demanding their story be told. I admit that although it was hard to set aside a year from Unbroken, both stories benefited from that decision. Love’s Redemption is a strong romance, while addressing the issue of sexual abuse.

Our social and legal history of dealing with sexual and domestic violence is nothing short of shameful. Victims have been blamed for their abuse, victimized by the courts, shamed and too often ignored by those sworn to protect them and those who claimed to love them. Unfortunately the gains we have made in the fight to end intimate violence are at risk of being washed away. The Trump administration has placed 25 grant programs under the Violence Against Women Act under threat of going to the chopping block. The loss of these grants also include programs working to prevent domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, stalking, and elder abuse. Please use your voice to stop this from happening.

For me the process of writing Love’s Redemption took a great deal of personal exploration and willingness to look at the skeletons in my own closet. It allowed me as a survivor and a therapist to act as the voice of millions of women and children who are the victims of intimate violence every day. These stories are often uncomfortable, but if we are willing to listen, we will come out better for knowing.

This story was inspired by a case I worked over twenty years ago when working as an advocate for the mentally ill. It was an unfortunate case that did not end well and had a profound impact on me for many reasons. In writing Love’s Redemption, I was glad to have these great characters, Rhea and Morgan shed light on these legal and social issues that further traumatize so many victims. But at the heart Love’s Redemption is a strong love story about resilience and willingness to stand up to injustice. Love’s Redemption is about many things, love, sexual abuse, injustice, stereotyping, and a moral and spiritual journey, all while dealing with a bad guy out to ruin everything.

I love this story and I love these characters. I hope you’ll give Love’s Redemption a read or a listen as it is also available on audiobook. I’m sure you’ll love it too.

Donna K Ford