Healing HeartsChristian Sutter is a broken woman. After the loss of her lover, she is plagued by survivor guilt and struggles to engage contact with others in the simplest relationships. Seeking refuge, she turns to the solitude of Willow Springs, an all-women retreat in the mountains of East Tennessee. When Christian meets a reclusive artist, her world is turned upside down again.

Elaine Barber is on the run. She is no fugitive but the victim of a vicious crime that keeps her in constant fear. A once renowned FBI profiler and psychologist, Elaine has turned her back on her career, her home, and her lover to escape the unbearable fear that someone is still out there waiting to finish what they started.

Both women will begin the journey toward healing, a journey that will take them on a collision course with the very person who can destroy them all. Can love heal all wounds? One thing is certain: the lives of the women of Willow Springs will never be the same.

“Healing Hearts” recieved a 2013 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention (5* from at least 1 judge)

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Reviews for Healing Hearts:

5 starsFantastic Romance/Mystery Novel by a New Author

“I was thrilled to receive my copy of Donna Ford’s debut novel, Healing Hearts, after pre-ordering it in February….and I was not disappointed! In fact, I read the entire novel over the course of a 24-hour period because I simply could not put it down!” Bri – Amazon.com 


“If this is your first novel then I cannot wait for your next. I can close my eyes and see Alex, Elaine, Christian and I want more. From the first page to the last it is gripping and non stop excitement.”  Sharlene May – Amazon.com